Pat is a lovably-optimistic homer, viewing life from 'under-the-brim' of his ill-fitting ball cap and Pete-Rose colored glasses. He is un-phased by wins, loses, right, wrong, or good and bad. Pat knows one thing despite enduring the years of bad trades, losing seasons and concrete turfs. Philly teams can do NO wrong.

Broad is the complete opposite of Pat. A gritty, rough around the edges, hold no punches, ain’t no fancy pants skeptic. Somewhere between his 30 hours of stubble and the diesel exhaust of his cigar, Broad calls it as he sees it - with his own jaded, spicy twist to reality. South Philly style of course.

How would you act if you were stuck around a sweaty, marinara smelling neck 24/7 ? How frustrating it must be. Especially when you have so much to offer the ladies ... but however hard you vibrate, you just can’t break free to give them what they want ... and need.

What happens when Ben Franklin embarrasses the Devil? The Devil curses the city of Brotherly Love back by fathering McGoaty. Now this half-leprechaun, half-goat, full bad-ass roams the streets bringin' his pedigree of pain. Whatever you do never cross him, unsuspecting victims have found themselves wandering lonely in dark, dark places.

Everyone needs a Pixie in their life. Beautiful, funny, energetic and forever the crowd pleaser. She has an uncanny knowledge of the latest Vegas lines and oddly enough is extremely handy with a set of tools. Whether you find her on the street corner or on a construction site, Life is all Grits & Gravy to Pixie.